Autism Therapy

Autism Therapy in Singapore

Autism Therapy focuses on reducing underlying symptoms and developing behavioural, social, and cognitive skills in children with autism or autism spectrum disorders. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment service for autism — just as every child is unique, our therapy approach and strategies are personalised to each child’s individual needs.


At MindChamps Allied Care, we aim to help children with autism and their families achieve a better quality of life in Singapore through early intervention and customised treatment plans. Our therapists utilise evidence-based practices to support children acquire skills, overcome challenges and realise their potent

Autism Therapy Services


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA therapy is widely recognised as a recommended treatment for children with autism in Singapore. The goal of the therapy is to increase good behaviours and decrease harmful behaviours using tailored, proactive strategies. ABA can help children improve skills such as language and communication, as well as attention, focus and memory.


Occupational Therapy

For children with autism, seemingly simple tasks such as social interactions and self-care can be a major challenge. Occupational therapy strives to equip children with the essential skills to live independently and perform daily tasks such as eating and getting dressed.


Speech Therapy

Speech therapy often goes hand-in-hand with autism therapy. Our experienced speech therapists provide reliable treatment to help children with autism overcome speech and language difficulties. Skills that we can teach include communication skills, expressive language skills, as well as articulation and speech production.


Social Skills Classes


Our social skills classes are designed to foster confidence in children by developing their social and communication skills effectively. This form of therapy is suitable for children with mild autism as it enables them to better understand social norms in Singapore.


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