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Celestine Ong

Occupational Therapist

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Celestine graduated from La Trobe University, Australia with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters in Occupational Therapy Practice in 2013. She is a fully registered Occupational Therapist with AHPC since 2014 and has worked in a restructured hospital and the private sector. She has worked with clients across the population spectrum and is experienced in a large range of medical conditions. Her interest includes working with young children with special needs.


Celestine strongly believes in using child- and family-centred practice to build positive relationships and optimise engagement with her young clients in a fun environment during therapy sessions. Beyond the sessions, Celestine is a strong advocate for collaboration with caregivers to achieve shared goals in self-care, play and learning. She strives to partner and equip caregivers with skills and confidence to carry out interventions in their natural environments. Her greatest sense of satisfaction comes from caregivers being able to better understand the behaviours and challenges faced by their child and discovering strategies to engage and form stronger relationships with their child. She holds a high standard in her work and commits to ongoing training in leading theories and approaches to add value to her clients.


She is a parent of 2 young boys and can better understand the challenges faced by caregivers, empowering them in their journey as caregivers to their little ones.


Celestine has experience in working with the following conditions: Autism Spectrum disorder, sensory processing, Global Developmental Delay, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, ADHD, handwriting difficulties.

She also has experience working in a school setting for moderate to severe disabilities.


 She has a genuine interest in enabling her clients to develop over and above what anyone thought they were capable of by providing the conditions for a child’s brain to “blossom” and operate at its fullest potential during the crucial early developing years.


Through shared goals discussed with clients and caregivers, she aims to provide just-right challenges pitched at a level that is fun and engaging for her clients. She is a strong believer of working closely with caregivers to ensure they are well equipped to cultivate the child’s sensory-motor development and help the whole family to succeed and thrive.

Clinical Specialisation


  • Orthopedic conditions: fractures, TKR, post-surgery rehabilitation

  • Hand therapy: repetitive strain injuries, fractures, tendon injuries

  • Neurological conditions: strokes, SCI

  • Geriatric conditions: parkinsonism, dementia, fraility

  • Pediatric: Autism, ADHD, Handwriting difficulties, developmental delays, moderate to severe intellectual disabilities (school setting)

Training & Qualifications


  • Bachelor of Health Sciences, LaTrobe University, Australia

  • Master of Occupational Therapy, LaTrobe University, Australia

  • Certified in handwriting without tears- Readiness and writing for pre-k, learn to teach print, learn to teach cursive, handwriting assessment

  • DIR floortime 101 approach

  • PECS level 1

  • Certification in Ayres Sensory Integration 1,2,3

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