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What to Do When Your Child is Bullying a Friend With Learning Challenges

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

It is apparent that with bullying cases on the rise, most parents in Singapore fear that their children who are attending school may become victims.

Here are some measures you can take:

Listen to Your Child and Their School Teachers

Children bully for a variety of reasons – they may be acting out, replicating something that they have seen or experienced or simply because they have low self-esteem. Starting school in Singapore can also be very stressful for children. To express their emotions, they may resort to picking on others. Finding out the reason behind their misbehaviour is key to address the issue.

Listen to your child’s teachers and try to figure out the motives. Assure them that you love them very much, but their bullying behaviour still needs to be addressed.

Formulate a Plan of Action

Children rarely understand the consequences of their actions so you need to explain to them how their actions affect others. Ensure that your child admits to their wrongdoings and get them to apologise to the people they have teased,

Continue to liaise with their teachers to help observe your child. If their behaviour persists, you may want to consider getting psychological help.

Be a Role Model

Kids learn by replicating the actions of adults. Other than school, kids in Singapore spend the most time at home. Thus, sometimes parents have to look towards themselves and other family members at home for the root of the problem. Be honest and try to identify some problematic behaviours that your  child might be picking up.

How do you treat the other family members? Do you gossip about others often? Making an effort to change these bad habits can go a long way to address any bullying issues in your child.

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