Tan Rui Yun

Speech Therapist


Tan Rui Yun is an experienced speech therapist, fully registered and holds clinical supervisory status under the Allied Health Professions Council.  She was a recipient of the MOHH Healthcare Training Grant. She graduated from Flinder’s University of South Australia with an Honours degree where she investigated oral narratives and language acquisition in bilingual Singaporean children. 


Her experience in a local restructured hospital spans across the acute, rehabilitation, outpatient, and community settings, where she worked closely with doctors, nurses, and other allied health professionals. Rui Yun has worked with paediatric clients across various settings in Australia, including special schools, preschools and mainstream primary schools. Her experience in paediatrics includes work in the areas of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC), fluency, literacy, speech and language disorders. Her experience also extends to collaborative classroom interventions with preschool and primary school teachers. 


Apart from clinical work, Rui Yun has trained speech therapy students in both undergraduate and Master’s university programmes, and supervised new graduate therapists. She is proficient in English and Mandarin, which enables her to provide assessment and interventions in both languages, in addition to caregiver and parent training.


Rui Yun’s love for children and bubbly nature enables her to meaningfully connect and build strong rapport with children and their families, creating a supportive environment for learning and collaborative work. 

Clinical Specialisation

  •  Swallowing Disorders eg. Dysphagia

  •  Language Disorders

  •  Speech Sound Disorders (Articulation & Phonology)

  •  Apraxia of Speech

  •  Neurological Disorders e.g. Strokes, Brain Trauma

  •  Genetic, Chromosomal & Medical Disorders e.g. Down Syndrome

  •  Ear Nose and Throat disorders e.g. glossectomies 


  • Allied Health Care Profession Council (Full Registration) Registration Number: A1700887G


  • Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours), Flinders University of South Australia, Adelaide

  •  Lien Centre’s Palliative Care Course for Therapists