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ABA Therapy in Singapore

ABA Therapy

Supporting Your Child’s Growth and Behaviour

For children with developmental disabilities or delays such as autism in Singapore, the various symptoms can make it difficult for them to communicate, socialise and cope with daily life stressors. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy can be adopted to help them overcome these challenges, enabling them to thrive in school and beyond.


Our highly qualified child behaviour specialists at MindChamps Allied Care will design a customised therapy plan, incorporating tried-and-true strategies to optimise your child’s growth and learning.

How Parents Can Help


As a caregiver, you may start by acknowledging the difficulties your child faces every day and try to reduce any stress that may be contributing to the symptoms. In addition to the parents’ discussion, an initial assessment will be useful to help you understand your child’s needs better. By familiarizing yourself with the developmental milestones set out for your child, your efforts can complement the effectiveness of the therapy intervention in the long run.      


About Parents’ Discussion


For parents who would like to find out about our ABA therapy services, they may opt for a complimentary parents’ discussion to learn more about MindChamps Allied Care in detail. Here, our child behaviour therapists can guide parents like yourself through the suitability of our therapy services, session schedules, cost structure of our services and more so you can have peace of mind that your child is in good hands.


Apart from ABA therapy, MindChamps Allied Care delivers a range of services in areas such as speech therapy, educational therapy and child psychology at our allied care centres in Singapore. Should you be unsure about the type of therapy your child can benefit from, we will address this in the pre-consultation session as well.


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