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Educational Therapy

Educational Therapy attends to the underlying learning skills that affect academic performance.


These skills include visual and auditory processing, attention and focus as well as memory skills. Adapted to the unique needs of the learner, educational therapy sessions with MindChamps Allied Care’s experienced Educational Therapists are part of a wholesome intervention programme equipped to help students in Singapore with learning differences reach their highest potential.

Along with Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy sessions, Educational Therapy provides support for a child with learning differences to receive interventions in many areas. These areas include reading, spelling, writing, listening, oral and communication skills, numeracy skills, problem-solving skills, comprehension and composition skills, time management skills, exam-taking skills and social skills.

Educational Therapy Services

Learning Support Classes (Dyslexia Management)

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Learning support classes are specially tailored for children with specific learning difficulties in reading, spelling, writing and numeracy. Listening comprehension and reading comprehension will also be covered. This will benefit children with Dyslexia or traits of Dyslexia. We provide individual classes or group classes.

Suitable for: Children with learning differences in their early years of formal education, or children in primary schools and secondary schools.

Multisensory Teaching


Everyone has a preference to how they learn and receive information. The way information is presented may affect how fast a child understands and acquires educational concepts. During Educational Therapy sessions, our therapists will use, when necessary, tools to engage the multiple senses of the student.

Pictorials and picture cards may be used to help more visual learners. Auditory learners may prefer songs or associating learning words with the tinkering of a xylophone. For our tactile and kinesthetic learners, our therapists may use a wide variety of manipulatives and/or actions that engage the students preference to remember and learn using their muscle-memory.

As every child is different, our Educational Therapists will assess and understand each child to cater to their learning needs.

Increasing Attention Span

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Attention is a large factor when it comes to learning and picking up academic concepts. Many children struggle with maintaining their attention during lessons and this may lead to them to be unable to internalize, understand or remember things that were being taught in class. Some children may also be disruptive during lesson time and may inadvertently get themselves into disciplinary situations.

Our experienced Educational Therapists work with children to increase their capacity to maintain attention, even during activities that may not really interest them. Children will be taught how to increase their focus and concentration while reducing reaction to stimuli that may affect their learning process.

With careful guidance and parental involvement at home, our therapists will aim to help their students gain the skills and strategies to stay attentive during their academic journey.

Increasing Learning Readiness

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Children need to be equipped in certain areas to be ready to learn. Sometimes, it might be due to personal difficulties and circumstances and other times it could be due to reactions to external distractions.

Helping children be more ready to learn will mean that Educational Therapist will help to increase their abilities and interest in learning by engaging them in sessions with a variety of strategies.

By creating an optimal learning environment with appropriate learning resources, students will learn to understand and be less encumbered by distractions and other factors that may hinder them from picking up and internalizing concepts.

Hear From 

 Our Parents

Joshua with Educational Therapist Dr Haslina

"Joshua has been attending various therapies at MindChamps Allied Care @ Serangoon Gardens. In a short period of time, we have seen him develop holistically through their support. They give a whole new definition to holistic support. Every therapist is aware of his development and they work hand in hand together to create the best scenarios for him to learn. We are thankful to know Dr Haslina, his Educational Therapist, who is gentle and passionate. She is always prepared yet flexible to cater to his needs based on his moods that day. We are confident that she will help him to be ready for Primary 1 when the time comes. The centre gives regular feedback to parents. They are quick to respond to our concerns and queries, putting our anxieties at ease. All in all, we just feel so comfortable leaving him in their care. Truly, it feels like leaving him in the care of family. Heartfelt thanks to the team."

Selina Gomez, parent of Joshua

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