Parents’ Discussion


A parents’ discussion (either over the phone or face-to-face) is a meet-up where parents discuss their perspectives and concerns prior to the Initial Assessment. The child will not be involved in this session.


The Parents’ Discussion service provided by MindChamps Allied Care is complimentary.

What is a parents’ discussion?

A parents’ discussion is for parents who:

  • Would like to know more about the therapy services we provide.
  • Do not know which therapy services are suitable for their child.
  • Want more information on the cost and schedules of the therapy sessions.
  • Want to understand what MindChamps Allied Care can offer.

Why do I need to do a parents’ discussion?

You can benefit from a parents’ discussion session if you want to further understand the services, purpose, processes and investment needed prior to committing to an Initial Assessment. During the parent’s discussion, you may also be able to find out more about our clinicians.

How is a parents’ discussion beneficial to me?

The clinician and/or centre manager will connect with you via a phone call first to understand:

  • What your child’s areas of need are
  • Your child’s history of therapy intervention
  • What areas of improvement you are hoping to see in your child
  • Who the caregivers are and how they can be a part of this therapeutic journey (e.g. can they come in for caregiver’s training)
  • The clinician will also share how he/she can help your child
To facilitate the process, our clinician may inform you of the following:
  • Which professional your child needs to see
  • When he/she can see your child
  • Where our centres are located
  • Why intervention is important to your child and his/her development
  • Why seeking help early is important
  • What early intervention is about
In the event that, after the phone discussion, you would like to meet the clinician in person or tour the centre, you may make an appointment for a face-to-face pre-consultation.

What should I prepare during the discussion?

You should get ready your child’s history in learning and socialisation, therapy reports (if available) and any other psychological/doctor’s reports that are relevant.

Where is the parents’ discussion session held?

The pre-consultation is conducted in 2 ways:

  • On the phone
  • At our 5 conveniently located Centres. Click here to find out more.

Why is the parents’discussion complimentary?

A parents’ discussion is complimentary as this is a “getting to know you” process aimed at providing parents with further understanding prior to making an appointment for an Initial Assessment. Read about what an INITIAL ASSESSMENT is.