The Initial Assessment (also known as first consultation) is a professional clinical assessment of your child. The Initial Assessment is needed for all children who are coming in to the centre for support. The journey of therapy intervention will always commence with an Initial Assessment.


The Initial Assessment is chargeable. Please call the centre to enquire.

What is involved in the Initial Assessment?

The Initial Assessment is an assessment of your child which answers the following:

  • What does your child need in order to develop and meet his/her milestones?
  • What are the areas that require therapy intervention?
  • How can the child be supported in school? (Communication with teachers)
  • How can the child be supported at home? (Caregiver/parent coaching)
  • Who are the clinicians that the child will be supported by? (Some children require assistance from more than one clinician, such as an Occupational Therapist and a Speech Therapist)
  • How often should therapy intervention be?
  • How is therapy carried out?
  • Why is the therapy needed?
  • What are the appointment slots available?
  • How much will the therapy sessions cost?
  • How long will each therapy session last?
  • What are the long- and short-term goals?
  • What improvements should I expect to see in my child after 3 months?

Why do I need an Initial Assessment?

As this is your child’s first visit to our centre, the Initial Assessment will allow the clinician to understand your child’s needs and work out the therapy plan as well as the long- and short-term goals.

How is an Initial Assessment beneficial to me?

An Initial Assessment allows you to understand your child’s needs, what is needed to help him/her progress and what goals are important to your child’s development.

What will I go through in an Initial Assessment?

  • Please come in 15 minutes earlier on the day of the assessment to fill up the necessary forms.
  • You and your child will meet the clinician and have a short interview.
  • If your child is ready for you to leave the room, the clinician will facilitate your child through a series of fun and interesting activities (assessments).
  • If you child is not ready for you to leave the room, you may stay in the therapy room and observe the assessment. The clinician will facilitate your child through a series of fun and interesting activities or assessments (Note: for certain psychological assessments, it must be administered with the child only; parents would need to leave the room for these).
  • The interview and assessment will take place over 45 minutes.
  • In the last 15 minutes, there will be a parents’ discussion session and debrief of therapy needs and goals, as well as recommendations by the clinician.

What should I prepare for the Initial Assessment?

Please bring along the following:

  • Child’s birth certificate

If you would like to pay through baby bonus, you will need to bring these additional documents:

  • Either parent’s NRIC
  • Child’s birth certficate
  • CDA Bank Card
  • CDA Bank Account Holder
  • Sibling’s birth certificate (Only if using sibling’s CDA account)
  • Your child’s comfort toy or book
  • Any relevant therapy or medical reports​​​​​​​

Where is the Initial Assessment held?

Our centres are designed to provide a calm, serene and therapeutic environment for you and your child's comfort. The Initial Assessment is conducted at our 5 conveniently located Centres. Click here to find out more.

When should I do an Initial Assessment?

You should come in for an Initial Assessment when you notice any of the following symptoms in your child:

  • Is not coping well in school
  • Has difficulties making friends
  • Is having meltdowns which are challenging
  • Has behaviours that puzzle you
  • Has delayed speech
  • Has feeding/swallowing difficulties
  • Is not meeting his/her developmental milestones
  • Is hurting himself/herself
  • Is hurting others through hitting, biting etc…
  • Is having challenges paying attention

My child has already completed an assessment at another centre / hospital. Do I still have to go for the Initial Assessment?

If your child has completed an assessment at another centre / hospital, he/she does not have to go through another Initial Assessment. But he/she will need to go through the first consultation. In the first consultation, your child’s report will be analysed by the clinician and clinical assessment will be conducted to set goals and intervention plans together with the child and parents. The first consultation will also include therapy intervention.