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Thank You MindChamps Allied Care!


(Image: Jacob with Educational Therapist, Dr Haslina)

We are extremely pleased with MindChamps Allied Care! After just 2 months of attending the Early Intervention Programme, we noticed a significant improvement in Jacob’s speech and toilet habits – he is now diaper-free! Jacob looks forward to going for his classes every day as the teachers and staff are very friendly, patient and dedicated. Thank you so much MindChamps Allied Care and God Bless! 

Jonathan D’Silva, parent of Jacob D’silva


(Image: Gabriel with Occupational Therapist, Sara Yeow)

Sara has been very helpful since the beginning of Gabriel’s diagnosis. She is a firm and caring person, who pays attention to the smallest things. She would share strategies with me on how to cope with Gabriel’s emotions and behaviours. We have seen improvements in Gabriel’s daily routines and his school teachers have commended him for his improvements. I would say we found the best in Sara and Gabriel can’t wait for his next session with her every week. 

Noviyantidita Rochimat, parent of Gabriel Darrell Xavier


We noticed huge improvements in Owen’s language skills after the first few sessions with Teacher Wenggie. He is now able to express his needs through words and sentences and is continuing to make good progress in his verbal expressions. This is evident through his interactions at home and at the daycare centre. He is now able to respond to questions and engage and concentrate longer in class. Over a short period of time, we have also noticed that his pronunciation is so much clearer, and this makes it easier for us to understand what he is trying to say.

Vivi Handaya, parent of Owen Gregory Kurniawan

(Image: Austin with Occupational Therapist, Sara Yeow)

(Image: Joshua with Educational Therapist Dr Haslina)


Austin has shown tremendous improvements ever since joining MindChamps Allied Care in January 2018. Now, Austin is able to achieve more than before. For example, he is able to do tasks when Daddy and I asked him to do so. He is also better at managing his emotions, resulting in lesser tantrums. Austin has also improved greatly in terms of his eye contact. Even though we are still waiting for Austin to speak, my sister has commented that Austin now knows everything! I want to specially thank the teachers Sara Yeow and Wenggie who have been helping and supporting us during these few months. They have always shared with me practical home activities that are easy for me to reinforce and Austin has been responding well to these activities. Thank you teachers and MindChamps Allied Care! 

Cindy Tan, parent of Austin Hoe


Joshua has been attending various therapies at MindChamps Allied Care @ Serangoon Gardens. In a short period of time, we have seen him develop holistically through their support. They give a whole new definition to holistic support. Every therapist is aware of his development and they work hand in hand together to create the best scenarios for him to learn. We are thankful to know Dr Haslina, his Educational Therapist, who is gentle and passionate. She is always prepared yet flexible to cater to his needs based on his moods that day. We are confident that she will help him to be ready for Primary 1 when the time comes. The centre gives regular feedback to parents. They are quick to respond to our concerns and queries, putting our anxieties at ease. All in all, we just feel so comfortable leaving him in their care. Truly, it feels like leaving him in the care of family. Heartfelt thanks to the team. 

Selina Gomez, parent of Joshua


Rio attended Occupational Therapy at MindChamps Allied Care, as it is close to our home. After a few sessions, we have seen a vast improvement in him. As the aim of the therapy sessions was to help us to better care for his needs at home, the teacher worked closely with us on the things we can do to help Rio. Indeed, the therapists and staff at MindChamps Allied Care are very friendly and helpful in giving us all the information that we needed.

Parent of Rio

Fred* has been going for treatment in other clinics, but there were not much results. After attending sessions at MindChamps Allied Care for 6 months now, we have seen some progress in him. He now responds faster when his name is called, and is able to understand conversations better too. Most importantly, he can grasp academic concepts more easily now.

With consistent help from the teachers, Fred* has learnt to better control his emotions. We also observed that he is now more confident, especially in terms of outdoor exploration and vocalising his thoughts. I believe that with the constant effort put in by the teachers, there is still room for Fred* to learn and improve.

Mr Keng, parent of Fred*

*Not his real name

My daughter, Francine, has been seeing Sara weekly for over a year now. During this time, I have seen Francine blossom and develop more self-confidence. Sara has also been invaluable in providing support, by offering tips and advice on how to help Francine in the home environment.  Sara’s dedication and warm personality has contributed to Francine’s progress and I will forever be grateful to her.

Penelope, parent of Francine Lily Black

Kenrick used to be a boy who could not communicate well with others due to his speech issues. As a result, he would always express himself by throwing tantrums. After a year of speech therapy with teacher Grace, his communication skills have improved significantly. His childcare teachers even commented that Kenrick is now able to express himself very well. With his improved communication and language application skills, his tendency of throwing of tantrums has decreased drastically. He is also better at self-regulation and following instructions. He is always looking forward to his weekly sessions with teacher Grace. Thank you teacher Grace for your patience and guidance towards him. Without you, Kenrick would not have progressed this far.

Miss Jaslyn Heng, parent of Kenrick Lau


(Image: Jovan with Occupational Therapist, Sara Yeow)

Jovan has been attending OT with Ms Sara Yeow since she joined MindChamps Allied Care in May 2017. It was through through a friend’s recommendation. I find that she is caring, meticulous and helpful. She takes my son’s learning seriously and will go the extra mile to help him. My son has been enjoying therapy with her. I receive feedback weekly through WhatsApp or communication book to keep up with my son’s progress. I believe that by working together, we can help my son to improve. I will recommend anyone to come to her because she is serious in helping kids fulfil their greatest potential. 

Testimonial provided by Jovan’s Parents


My 2 daughters, Amanda and Alison, have been seeing Alison Ng since 2013. Throughout these 3.5 years, I have learnt loads from Alison on how to help my daughters manage their emotions and sensory issues. Alison is a very firm and caring therapist. She is very knowledgeable and is always sharing with me on how I can help my daughters cope with their new environment, be it in school or at home. My daughters are always looking forward to their sessions with Alison.

Denise Foo, parent of Amanda and Alison


(Image: Ellie with Speech Therapist, Cher Poh Gaik)

We decided to send our daughter Ellie for speech therapy as she was falling behind her peers in terms of her speech. Still, we were not sure if sending her for speech therapy will help her improve. But after a few months with Speech Therapist, Cher, we can unequivocally say that it works! Teacher Cher is a very engaging therapist who is excellent with kids and in just a few sessions with Ellie, we can already see the improvements. Even Ellie’s school teacher has observed the improvements as well. Apart from Ellie, we ourselves also benefited greatly from Teacher Cher’s advice on how we can teach and monitor her progress at home. Indeed, the speech therapy sessions are worth every cent! 

Toh Ruihao, parent of Ellie

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