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Jenny Gan

Speech Therapist

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Jenny is a recipient of Singapore Ministry of Health Holdings (MOHH) Healthcare Graduate Studies Award scholarship and graduated from University of Sydney, Australia, with a Master in Speech Language Pathology. She has experience in serving paediatric clients in Australia for speech and language delays, as well as fluency and voice disorders.


She also has experience in providing group therapy, providing training in the form of early language groups for parents with young children, and collaborating with preschool teachers regarding therapy goals and specific support to use in the classroom to facilitate learning for her clients. She subsequently spent several years practicing in a local restructured hospital across acute, outpatient, and community settings as a senior speech therapist and holds clinical supervisory status under the Allied Health Professions Council. ​


Jenny enjoys building relationships with her young clients and equipping them with good communication and social skills to continue to navigate and discover the world around them. She finds joy in empowering parents/ caregivers with knowledge and skills to support their child on their learning journey. As a parent, she is able to empathize with each family’s circumstances.


She places importance in individualizing therapy according to the client’s cultural and linguistic background and personal goals. Her proficiency in both English and Mandarin enables her to provide assessment and intervention in both languages.​

Clinical Specialisation

  • Language Disorders​

  • Speech disorders​

  • Fluency disorders​

  • Voice disorders​

  • Aural rehabilitation​

Training & Qualifications


  • Master of Speech Language Pathology, University of Sydney, Australia​

  • PROMPTS for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets, certified by The PROMPT Institute​

  • Accreditation as a Hearing Implant Rehabilitationist under MED-EL​

  • Attended the Essential Skills in Medical Education - Clinical Teaching (ESME-CT) Course

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