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Jothie Rajendran

Jothie Rajendran.png

Early Intervention Teacher

Jothie has worked in the early intervention sector for the past 3 years. Prior to that, she volunteered at non-profit organisations, special needs schools and tutored students. She has also taken clients, under various agencies for academic and behavioural intervention. 

Jothie has familiarity with ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) style teaching from previous work experiences. Her Post Graduate Diploma in Health Studies (Speech Therapy), Certificate in Registered Behavior Technician and past work experiences equip her with the knowledge and skills to work with children with learning and behavioral disabilities.

As a holistic educator, Jothie strives to nurture each child holistically by creating a welcoming, supportive learning environment that encourages child-led learning, subsequently establishing a personalized education plan and developing strategies to prepare them for lifelong learning.

Clinical Specialization

Jothie has experience working with children with special needs ranging from the age of 2 to 10 in early intervention schools and home settings.

  • Intellectual Disability (ID)

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Developmental Delays

Training & Qualifications

  • Registered Behaviour Technician from Autism Partnership Foundation

  • Graduate Diploma in Health Studies (Speech Pathology) from Curtin University

  • Instructor's Certificate In Teaching Phonics and Phonetics from the College of Allied Educators

  • Certificate of Completion in Speech and Language Development from the College of Allied Educators

  • Bachelor of Medical Science from Canberra University

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