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Clinical Specialisation

Nimita’s area of specialization include:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Intellectual Disability (ID)

  • Global Developmental Delays (GDD)

  • Speech and Language Delays (SLD)

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Training & Qualifications

  • Post Graduate Masters in Commerce (UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI).

  • Graduate Diploma in Child Psychology (ARIUM SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES).

  • Specialist Diploma in Children with Special Needs (ARIUM SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES).

  • Diploma in Montessori Method of Teaching (MODERN MONESSORI INTERNATIONAL).

Nimita Shah

Early Intervention Teacher

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Nimita began her career as an Early Childhood Educator and specialized in the Montessori Method of Education. During her extensive experience working in the preschool setting, she also met many children who had learning difficulties and who needed additional support. To understand and serve them better, she completed the Graduate Diploma in Child Psychology and Specialist Diploma in Special Needs. Her knowledge in child psychology and special needs, coupled with her experience as an Early Childhood Educator has helped her develop the skills and knowledge required to educate the children with different learning needs.

As an Early Intervention Teacher, she uses various learning strategies along with customised Montessori resources which can make the learning fun and interactive for her Champs.  She collaborates with her fellow teachers and parents to prepare Individualized Education Plans (IEP) which are tailored to the Champs’ needs. She uses various educational technologies to promote a more diverse learning environment. She is constantly improvising and incorporating new strategies in her teaching.

Nimita is a strong believer of the Montessori philosophy which states that each child is unique and has different learning style. She also believes that patience, empathy and a positive mind-set is required to make a positive difference. She aims to equip her Champs with skills and strategies to enable them to be confident individuals who can integrate themselves seamlessly in our society.

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