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Educational Therapy: Why Consider After An Early Intervention Programme

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Early intervention is a necessary step in your child’s life as it helps them navigate developmental challenges and improve outcomes. These are facilitated through a tailor-made learning plan, like the Early Intervention Programme at MindChamps Allied Care. Typically involving the close partnership between the Special Needs educator and the parent, every stage of the programme considers the learning needs of the child.

As we have previously discussed, a delay in intervention takes away valuable time in your child’s life that is highly critical for cognitive, emotional, social and physical development.

Why is the time after early intervention critical?

Paying attention to what happens after the programme ends is also important. Wherever your child heads to next, the environment and people they are used to will change. This can impact the way they will behave and consequently, it will affect how well they can perform in school. Ensuring that your child feels comfortable and prepared in the next leg of their educational journey not only facilitates progress but also helps you, as a parent, manage your child’s growth.

A well-executed transitional phase to enable a smooth switch is necessary to prevent your child from regressing. Equally so is to ensure they have access to intervention when required as they move from one unfamiliar place to the next.

A lifelong learning support programme like our Educational Therapy classes is the perfect solution to this. Here’s how it can help your child make that switch from early intervention and therefore, keep up in school.

1. Assimilate to Mainstream Schools Confidently

As a parent, watching your child make the transition to a mainstream school following early intervention is heartwarming. You know your child is ready to brave the world, albeit one step at a time. That said, it is important to know that these institutions may not have the support system in place to cater to your child’s learning challenges.

Our School Shadow Support System takes this worry away. Almost akin to a classroom buddy, our shadow teachers who are trained educational psychologists are sensitive to your child’s learning challenges. They know how to create a safe space for your child to study, participate and complete assignments. Once your child is confident to learn and cope with the demands of the mainstream curriculum independently, the teacher lets them take charge of the experience.

2. Familiarise with Social Rules Easily

A school environment is not only about studying — the element of socialisation, with peers or teachers, is necessary for the holistic development of any child. Boosting your child’s confidence in verbal and non-verbal communication allows them to establish better and more trusting relationships in new environments after early intervention. One way our educational therapists can help your child achieve this includes role-playing — your child will be taught methods to introduce themselves to new people, ask questions or initiate conversations.

3. Improve Quality of Learning

If your child has specific learning difficulties in areas such as reading and numeracy, navigating school environments outside of early intervention without much support can prove challenging. Our Dyslexia Management classes aim to help children facing such hurdles in the classrooms, with both individual and group sessions for those up to secondary level.

This way, your child can learn the various ways to accommodate these differences. Resultingly, they can keep up with the pace of a new school curriculum and participate in co-curricular activities more confidently.

Give Your Child the Opportunity to Thrive with Educational Therapy

Considering Educational Therapy as a lifelong intervention programme for your child will allow them to better prepare early for the world ahead. With personalised plans that cater to their specific needs, your child will always remain in the good care of our trained professionals. Book a visit to any of our MindChamps Allied Care centres in Singapore to speak to us in-person and give your child a teaser of our therapy classes today.

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