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Introducing Our Allied Care Early Intervention Programme (AEPS)

Mindchamps alliedcare intervention programme

From rolling over and taking their wobbly first steps to speaking in complete sentences, all children reach their developmental milestones at a slightly different pace. However, being continually and considerably behind in reaching key developmental milestones could signify developmental delays.

For children experiencing developmental delays, early intervention is paramount. Implementing effective intervention plans can lay the groundwork for lifelong learning, ensuring that our children are equipped with the building blocks necessary to reach better outcomes later in life.

At MindChamps Allied Care, our holistic Early Intervention Programme (EIP) leverages a curriculum and criterion-based system - the Assessment, Evaluation and Programming System (AEPS) - to identify your child’s strengths across various developmental areas.

Understanding AEPS

Unlike standardised norm-based tests, the AEPS is a robust system that bridges assessment, goal development, intervention, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation. By gathering assessment data, the AEPS framework can effectively identify areas where support is needed. These data are then translated into meaningful and individualised action plans that can appropriately address the unique needs of each child.

The AEPS work seamlessly together to equip children aged 18 months to 6 years old with skill sets in the following areas:

  • Cognition and perception

  • Communication and language

  • Social skills

  • Fine and gross motor skills

  • Self-help skills

Putting the Framework Into Action

As part of the test administration, our qualified therapists and teachers will first observe your child’s behaviour when participating in planned activities and score them for each key area based on a scale from zero to two. This assessment will be carried out in multiple settings where your child feels the most comfortable and reassured. Upon attaining the data, we will then develop individualised IEP goals and objectives, which will be embedded into our intervention plans. To give you a clear picture of your child’s progress, these goals and objectives will be re-evaluated at the end of every semester.

The end goal of MindChamps Allied Care EIP is to ensure that your child is well prepared for a successful transition to primary school, be it mainstream or special education school.

Supporting Holistic Development

Understanding that parental involvement is critical in early childhood education, we actively engage parents and caregivers through several avenues to further address opportunity gaps and foster positive partnerships. Handouts and forms will be distributed regularly – with the former helping to ensure the continuity of learning from home and the latter allowing us to gather valuable insights into your child. We will also share frequent reports to document your child’s progress, ensuring you have the best first-hand knowledge as we work towards a common goal.

Setting Your Child Up for Success

Backed by more than 40 years of extensive research and thousands of hours of field-testing, the AEPS is a proven, reliable, and highly regarded system that has been facilitating healthy early childhood developments for decades.

With all aspects of intervention woven into one comprehensive system, AEPS allows us to determine your child’s developmental progress effectively and precisely. Through this framework, our therapists and teachers can collect essential assessment data, plan meaningful IEPs and monitor every progress that demonstrates growth, whether big or small.

As a tiered curriculum that is thoughtfully configured around familiar environments, AEPS can allow our young learners to experiment, explore and learn comfortably with little disruption.

Developmental delays can occur due to various genetic and environmental factors. However, early acknowledgement and intervention can make all the difference in your child’s learning and development.

To understand more about MindChamps Allied Care EIP, book a complimentary Parents’ Discussion session with us.

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