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Kids Therapy in the East of Singapore

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

MindChamps Allied Care recently opened its third kids’ therapy centre in the east of Singapore. The centre span across 1400 sqm of space and houses a gymnasium for Occupational Therapy rooms,  three Speech & Educational Therapy rooms and three classroom for Early Intervention and Child Psychology.

A specialised Dyslexia Remediation Programme is also available at our East Coast Centre. It provides one-to-one or group intervention to help dyslexic children excel at their full academic potential, at Primary or Secondary school level.

Designed to create a warm and nurturing environment without overwhelming the sensory experience, children who walk into our centre will enjoy a calm and comforting environment.

Nestled in a Private Neighbourhood of Tembeling Road

Privacy is one of the key factors that parents consider when sending their children to therapy. Our new centre at East Coast provides ample privacy to both parent and child. We are located at 136 Tembeling Road.

Enabling Singapore Children and Parents

The new MindChamps Allied Care at East Coast provides comprehensive therapy services for children with learning difficulties/special needs. The therapy centre provides the following therapy services:

  • Early Intervention Programme Development of Individual Education Plan | 14-days Trial Programme | Preparation for mainstream Primary School or SPED

  • Occupational Therapy Developmental Milestones Facilitation | Gross and Fine Motor Skills Training | Sensory Processing Education | Self-care Skills Training | Handwriting Skills Training | Social and Play Skills Training | Transition Planning and Support | Visual Motor Integration and Visual Perception Skills Training | Age-appropriate Self-regulation of Emotions, Attention, and Behaviour Training

  • Speech Therapy Communication Skills Training | Expressive Language Skills Training | Receptive Language Skills Training | Articulation and Speech Production Training | Feeding and Swallowing Training

  • Educational Therapy Dyslexia Remediation Programme | Anxiety Management Classes | School Shadow Support System | Anger Management Classes | Learning Support Classes

  • Child Psychology Development of Individual Education Plan (IEP) | Customised Parent/ Caregiver Training | Reports for Examination Exemption or Accommodation | IQ Reports for Placement in Special Education Schools | School Observation | Full Diagnostic and Psychological Assessment

Access To The Therapy Centre

The centre is situated right opposite the Haig Girls’ School. You may take Bus service 33 and alight along Tembeling Road (after passing Peranakan Houses). The bus stop is located right in front of the therapy centre. If you drive, parking is available along the road (parking charges apply). If you or your child is feeling peckish before/after the therapy session, the Famous Song Kee Fishball Noodles is located at the end of the shophouse. The famous Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Super Crispy Roti Prata is also just two minutes away.

New Centre Promotion

Get started with a professional clinical assessment for a clear diagnosis of your child’s developmental gaps. Enjoy this assessment at a reduced price of $180 (UP $210) from now till 31 May! Or you opt to book e a Complimentary Parent Discussion to discuss your child’s condition.

Centre Details

MindChamps Allied Care @ East Coast 136 Tembeling Road , Singapore 423645 Tel: +65 9061 1837 / +65 6909 9365 Email:

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