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What To Do When My Child Gets Nervous Outdoors?

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

If this is your child’s first outing (Example, to watch the new year fireworks) and revel in the celebrations, be sensitive to his reaction. With the bright lights and crowds swirling above him, he might just become overwhelmed.

Here are some things you can do to help your child enjoy the festivities of the night:

1. What Is Going On?

Explain to your child beforehand on what’s going to happen. Tell him that there will be a lot of people, and they are likely to be exuberantly happy in celebrating the coming of the New Year. At the stroke of midnight, the fireworks are going to go off and this will be a roaring display of lights.

Show him some videos of fireworks display plus the cheering crowds on YouTube. That way, he’ll have a ‘preview’ on what to expect during the night.

2. Make Sure You Do a Recce

Look at the surrounding area early to find your spot. We would suggest some family-friendly spots that you can bring along children. To secure such spots, do get there early. One way to beat the crowd is to get there early to picnic, play some family games and wait expectantly for the night to arrive.

3. Hydrate, Hydrate Hydrate

Remember to keep the whole family hydrated by drinking lots of water, put on sunblock, and take turns to cool off by taking a walk in the vicinity. When day turns to night, the action begins.

4. Provide Comfort Outdoors

Bring along earplugs and noise-cancelling earphones, so that if anyone finds it too noisy, be it your children or their grandparents, they can find some comfort.

5. Make It Fun

Pick up some party poppers so that your child can join in the fun by letting streamers into the air.

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