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Shaminiros Chandran

Early Intervention Teacher

Shaminiros Chandran.png

Shamini has worked in the early intervention sector for the last 1.5 years, both in Singapore and Malaysia. She has experience as an Assistant Special Needs Teacher and Special Education Teacher for The Early Intervention Programmes for Infants and Children - a government funded programme which supports children who require medium to high levels of Early Intervention (EI) support in a group-based setting.


Shamini is familiar with ABA style teaching, ABC model (antecedent – A, behaviour – B, and consequence – C) and Denver methods from previous work experiences. She also possesses expertise in crafting Individualized Educational Plans, implementing regular reviews to ensure the plans effectively meet the unique needs of the children. She has also worked with co-teachers (mainstream teachers) and therapists (Occupational Therapist & Speech Therapist) in preschools to help children with special needs integrate into a classroom setting.


Her Degree in Psychology and past work experience equips her with the knowledge and skills to work with children with various learning and behavioural needs. Shamini believes that working with children is a rewarding career and a privilege. She firmly believes that every child should have the equal opportunity to achieve their highest quality of life and develop their independence. Hence, she wants to support them grow towards independence and build lifelong skills.  Shamini believes that children development and learning ability can be guided and mediated by their social interactions. Thus, collaborating closely with parents and caregivers as team, as well as, providing them a safe haven and a supportive environment could significantly help the progression of children.

Clinical Specialization

Shamini has worked with various children with special needs in early intervention setting between 3 to 8 years of age, with the following conditions:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

  • Developmental Delays

  • Down Syndrome

  • Selective mutism

Training & Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) from Raffles University (First-class honours)

  • Assessment, Evaluation and Programming System (AEPS)

  • Behaviour Management

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