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Senior Early Intervention Teacher


Abigail is an experienced Early Intervention Teacher specializing in children with multiple disabilities, ASD, Down syndrome, GDD, and other needs. With her expertise and passion for supporting young learners, Abigail creates a positive and nurturing environment to help them reach their full potential. She collaborates closely with families and stakeholders to ensure the best outcomes for each child. Abigail emphasises the importance of inclusion and values the role of music and theatre in early intervention, recognising their therapeutic and educational benefits. Drawing from her arts background, she incorporates these elements into her teaching to enhance the learning journey and promote holistic development. Abigail's years of experience, dedication, and innovative approach make her an exceptional Early Intervention Teacher, capable of positively impacting the lives of children with learning needs. She prioritises the success and well-being of her students, enabling them to feel valued, included, and achieve success in various areas of their lives.

Training & Qualifications

  • Advanced Diploma with Merit in Early Childhood Intervention (Special Needs), National Institute of Early Childhood Development

  • Diploma in Arts Management (Performing Arts), Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

  • Noah’s Ark, Routine Based Interviews ⁠Basic Halliwick Course

  • International Halliwick Association

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