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Principal Occupational Therapist


Adeline has an impressive 11-year experiences as an occupational therapist. Adeline has excelled in a variety of clinical environments, from hospitals and development centers to mainstream schools, emphasizing her extensive work with children under 2 years old and their families. Her expertise spans the enhancement of daily living skills, motor abilities, sensory processing, and school readiness, all facilitated through engaging, child-centric methods such as play and exploration. Adeline's practice is profoundly influenced by a commitment to neurodiversity-affirming approaches, aiming to empower young children as they learn to navigate their world confidently. She is also skilled in managing postural challenges and the tailored assessment and prescription of seating and mobility equipment, ensuring comprehensive developmental support.

Training and Qualifications

  • Bachelor in Occupational Therapy (Honours)

  • Diploma in Occupational Therapy

  • CLASI Certificate in Ayres Sensory Integration

  • DIR Floortime 101

  • Introduction to SI Difficulties

  • Introduction to SI Difficulties for schools (Sensory Integration Education)

  • Essentials of Praxis for Children with Autism

  • Handwriting Without Tears and Handwriting Assessment Workshop

  • Level 2: Postural Care - Wheelchair and seating

  • Peter Imray PMLD Masterclass

  • Routine-Based Interview

  • Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment in Children

  • Child First Aid Course for Infant/Child Care

  • SIT-TCD Conference 2017 SAOT Best Paper Award

  • NOTC 2016 Best Student Presentation Award

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